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11 December 2010

Something I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

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Mark Rothko

I actually love it so much, I made my own version of it to hang in my newly remodeled bedroom.


3 October 2008

Something a Little More Modern

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So I’m taking a Modern Art class. I hated the last one I took but I’m convinced that I just couldn’t stand the instructor. Here are a few works I’ve rekindled a love for:

Henri Matisse-

Red Studio

Red Studio

Joy Of Life

Joy Of Life

Georges Seurat-
Seurat invented pointalism which is using tiny dots of color to make a painting so that when you stand back the colors blend into new colors.
Sunday Afternoon On La Grande Jatte
Sunday Afternoon On La Grande Jatte
Paul Cezanne-
Cezanne loved geometry. He was obsessed with finding geometrical shapes in nature.
Still Life With Skull
Still Life With Skull
Toulouse Lautrec-
You could say Lautrec reshaped advertising into what we know it to be today.
At the Moulin Rouge

At the Moulin Rouge

In the background center you see two men, one is tall and wearing a top hat and right next to him there appears to be a man seated. The seated man is Toulouse Lautrec himself. He actually isn’t seated at all- he is standing. AsĀ  child he suffered severe injury to his limbs and they stopped growing so he had a normal sized torso but was still quite small.

Rosa La Rouge

Rosa La Rouge

Advertising the Moulin Rouge, a place Lautrec spent a lot of time.
Advertising the Moulin Rouge, a place Lautrec spent a lot of time.
Advertising the Divan Japonais. This one hung in my room until it fell and broke.
Advertising the Divan Japonais. This one hung in my room until it fell and broke.
Advertising a gig for his friend Bruant.
Advertising a gig for his friend Bruant.
Cubism to come later.

12 September 2008

Famous Painting and The UN

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Tags: , , , , , , has been one of my favorite sites for a while now. (What could be better than working toward ending world hunger while learning vocabulary?!) Now you can pick your subject! One such subject being Famous Paintings!

Yeah- I was super excited! I’ve been using it to keep up on my Renaissance painters while studying my impressionists and cubists. GO THERE!!! DO IT!!!

30 March 2008

Running Into Yourself

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I googled Kamares Ware Jars today at school so that I could look for the octopus jar and as soon as I saw it I clicked on it. Top row and all. Right there where I couldn’t miss it. It sent me to my very own site!!! I love it!

19 March 2008

African Culture

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Today in Art History we got onto the subject of female circumcision. At times, its more than just art its also anthropology. I came home and did a little research on the subject. I knew about the basics and how terrible it could be at its worst but I wanted to look up two African models who were activists against it. Along the way I found some pretty interesting art.

Disclaimer: These photographs are of people against female circumcision. Do not take this as a personal stance for or against female circumcision. I am merely reporting that it happens and that some people have made art showing their stance. Keep in mind that these are from people with a Western Perspective. Also, I don’t know who the artists are. If you do- leave me a comment and I’ll give credit.

anti female circumcision

flower against circumcision

22 November 2007


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So I love art. I love everything about art- its beautiful because it isn’t perfect, its temporary but somehow permanent. I just love it. So this is where I am going to show off some of the art that I love. Enjoy it or don’t.

This is Augustus of Primaporta. Its my favorite work from his reign as Emperor. Its from about 20 B.C. This is also what made me decide that art history was what I wanted to do and that Roman art was my favorite.
Augustus of Primaporta

8 November 2007

This is just a little taste

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There is such an amazing array of art out there. I’m here to show you some of the stuff I like that a lot of people overlook.

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